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Established in the2012 as a trading company in Dubai. After 6 years of being in a market with customer, expand our aim to provide a distinguished, dedicated service to a newly unknown customer with a good mannered, counsel with technical logic or background, discussing the cost effective matter, and find out reasonable understanding with cooperation and a solution. We at Dubai a team of highly coordinated faction of  technical machinery trading . air compressor, screw compressor, automation, electric motor are our sole products.  technical parts arranging  in the field of air compressor, screw compressor, automation, electrical controller, electrical motor etc. we could  perfectly install air compressor, screw compressor, automation all over UAE. In varies field as auto mechanic garage, rubber factories, plastic factories, garments, interior decoration works, mechanical workshop and many more places. We also deliver alternative solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each our clients, customer all over UAE. And help to complete successfully the project . The name and business we earned today is due to our friendly mannered technician.  We have diverse knowledge of air compressor, screw compressor, and automation and electric motor as complain generating, solution and satisfaction of customer.   Our technician is well equipped and could support to run their establishment with  machinery smoothly. We are associated with major italy brand air compressor supplers in uae as abac,  gga,  atlas copco,   metabo, la padana,  nuair, airmec, fini, fiac and Chinese brand libaking, pharma, renyu, michael,  tata,  many more. We can find out any damage parts from uae market, as quickly as possible.
Our technicians are self motivated, so they can give customer an express service as customer requirement. In electric motor we can make controller as require as machine, induction motor, blower motor, blower fan is also we supply and install all over uae. We are a unique entrepreneur to keep a variety product with modern technology provider services. To keep customer equipment running we are a station to constantly support the customer.

with regards

aziz ahamed


air line lubricator
air compressor piping system
line filter fixing

 "air compressor" ,"screw compressor"

"air compressor" or" screw compressor" is not something  a equipment, but it's something that help to produces a lot of production like plastic product, printing production, rubber production ,cement factory,  concrete plant and help to human activities in interior decoration,building construction,auto garage maintenance, auto service station,  and many more, we are   providing  to our customer a best service as a supplier, as a service man, as a repairman . we provide maximum requirement of customer related with such a greater equipment. now a days" air compressor"and" screw compressor''disposed an era  in modern technology community, many many pneumatic equipment is innovating day by day to easy human activities and development .as "air compressor" is important as its application theory is also important . our experienced technician could give a quick solution about its application , modulation  , operation, service period , service material  etc. we hope customer no need to hesitate to ask any detailed about air compressor , screw compressor

with regards

aziz ahamed

technical consultants

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 Maintaining air system


Pipe lines System

Air compressor discharge lines should be large enough to avoid excessive pressure loss under conditions of maximum air flow. In air lines, as in after coolers, water is continually with air discharge line to the machines or tools. For this reason pipe lines should be provided with a system of draining or blocking this water before it reaches to the tools or machine outlets. It is recommended to direct the main line to the upper direction of air flow so that both gravity and air flow will carry the water to air receiver tank or water drain located at pipe lines systems. These should be drained regularly and never allowed to become full and inoperative.

Automatic drain valve

Automatic drain valve will fix with bypass line to manual draining system and the eliminate possibility of traps becoming full. To aid in preventing condensed moisture from reaching the tools, down pipes or hose connections should never be taken directly from the bottom of air pipes or mains. Pipe lines, valves and hose connections should be large enough to pass the maximum amount of air required by the tools on the line. This is particularly important for manufacturing factories, from which several hose lines run are used.

Air Supply

Efficient air tool performance is based on a stable,   clean,  dry air supply that delivers 90 psi of air pressure at the tools, while the tool is running. Lower air pressure will reduce efficiency of the tool.

Proper Air line filters

Air line filter will effectively   block corrosive particles from the air supply. To get the efficient in performance from your air tool’s Air compressor capacity, proper air hoses and fittings are essential. To keep properly drained, will removed nearly all entrained water whereas a inferior quality one is practically useless. Most filters do not have adequate water storage capacity and, unless provided with an auxiliary storage receiver or automatic trap, soon cease to function.


Air line lubrications

Many air tools, because of weight and space limitations, do not contain built-in lubricators.  With such tools air line lubricators must always be used. Air line lubricators automatically provide oil to tools allowing them to operate at peak efficiency. Proper lubrication is the most important requirement in preventative maintenance. The majority of tool failures can be linked to inadequate lubrications.


Air pressure Regulators

Very tools are operate by different air pressure, to dignify the pressure requirement of tools, Air pressure regulators  fix the limit of air pressure. It keeps  the tools life longer and stable.

Air dryer/Moisture separator .

On installation where the piping system does not provide clean, dry air, the use of filters at hose connection points is recommended to install Air dryer.   Air dryer system have a  warm Heater.  it make quickly dry the air, so air flow continue dry and clean.




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