liutech screw compressor service
air compressor service ajman


our vision is to proof ourself as a trusted partner of customer .we listen customer requirement and do accordingly.


we had commence our beloved business at 2009 in Dubai , the business city of the world

yigitsun screw compressor service
air compressor service dubai
euro technic screw compressor service
comprag screw compressor service
chicago pneumatic screw compressor service
air compressor service sharjah
air compressor service al qouz
bottarini screw compressor service
lapadana screw compressor service
gga air compressor service


Ever-advancing my skills and perspective, I'm only as good as my ability to hardworking 


we do engineering service of air compressor, screw compressor , air dryer, as gasket making , welding aluminium, welding casting , parts making etc.

‚Äčair compressor, screw compressor service

we do all kind service and repair job of air compressor , screw compressor , air dryer and compressed air piping job,

we arranged gasket, air filter , lubrication , greasing  and service and repair parts of air compressor , screw compressor, air dryer , and electric motor,

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