air compressor not making pressure 

  1. the head gasket are torn or heat up

  2. the vessel or tank of  air is leaks

  3. the nrv or check valve  are damaged

  4. the pressure switch are leak

  5. the liner of piston is damage

  6. the valve plate or valve plate parts are damage

air dryer not remove water

  1. the auto drain valve not working
  2. drain line pipe is blocked
  3. the Dewpoint higher or lower than 3 degree celsius.
  4. cfm higher than air dryer capacity.
  5. the pre air dryer filter and after air dryer line filters are clogged
  6. the surrounding weathers are too hot
  7. the refrigerant compressor is not working

air compressor heat up 

  1. oil viscosity loss or no viscosity in oil 
  2. nrv or check valve are not good.
  3. outside environment are too hot
  4. electric motor turning anti clock wise, as the pulley  did not give air blow to the head
  5. the valve plate are too contaminants that it cannot run as free as new valve plate.
  6. the head bearing are old as not run as quickly 

air compressor, screw compressor

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air compressor make abnormal sound

  1. the crankshaft bearing are damage, should be change
  2. valve plate of head is jam or contaminants
  3. connecting rods are  tear down .
  4. the liner of piston are torn or tear down as old 
  5. an foreign metal contaminants are inside as coming through air inlet valve
  6. inlet filter are clear or not with head.

screw compressor overload tripping

  1. overload control itself not working well
  2. electric motor bearing grease dry up. heat up or jam
  3. minimum pressure valve malfunctioning
  4. air oil separator clog or jam
  5. rotor element bearing jam

electric motor heat up

  1. the head are jam as energy loss to run the head
  2. the check valve of air compressor are not working well
  3. the head require more hp as motor have
  4. electric motor bearing are contaminant
  5. the voltage is less than require voltage
  6. the outside environments are too hot

air dryer not working

  1. the start button not working
  2. the power supply not reaching to compressor
  3. the compressor is damage
  4. the pressure switch not working 

screw compressor trouble shootings

oil spill outside of air compressor 

  1. the oil seal (behind pump pulley with crankshaft) are damage, torn or become hard as bearing also contaminated.
  2. with piston all liner are become thin as old . for this reason pressure go down and head reserve oil spill out through breath valve.
  3. air compressor valve plate are jam with dust,contaminant or oil heat surface.
  4. in the reservoir oil is more than limited gauge.
  5. air compressor is vibrate with head, as alignment are not accurate.
  6. inlet filter of head is block or jam with dust , oil contaminants 

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screw compressor heat up

potential reason

  • air inlet filter block
  • oil is less than oil gauge
  • oil is dirty, loss viscosity
  • surrounding temperature is high
  • thermostatic valve not working properly
  • air oil separator filter block or clogged
  • oil filter clogged
  • moisture separator filter clogged

screw compressor oil spill out

potential reason

  • air inlet filter blocked
  • stop delay setting is wrong​
  • on delay setting is wrong
  • air control pipe clogged
  • inlet valve clogged or dirty
  • wrong type air in used

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the safety valve is blowing always

  1. check valve is not working
  2. automatic pressure switch not working
  3. safety valve itself is damage
  4. automatic pressure is setup more than safety valve capacity
  5. foreign air is coming to the tank or vessel as pressure switch set up

water in air line 

  1. surrounding  weather is hot
  2. pump is too hot
  3. inlet filter is blocked
  4. check valve malfunction

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