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oil spilled outside air compressor

air compressor run and make a big sound

air compressor build pressure but not reach unload pressure label


  1. belt replacement
  2. electric motor pulley should replacement
  3. pump fly wheel should replacement.
  4. non return valve should replacement 
  5. any kind leakage should be treated as well closed ​.


1. electric motor back cover and cooling fan should checked, if damage than changed. if loose than tight screw 

2. belt and safety belt cover should be checked, if touch each other than repair, or replace belt . 

3. head connecting rod damage , should be overhaul the head 

oil in compressed air 

may be reason

  1. piston ring damage
  2. oil overfilled
  3. nrv damage

​​​​​​air compressor run but when reload trip the mini breaker. 


  1. mini breaker replace as same amp. written on body .
  2. voltage supply  should be  220/230 instant .
  3. if 3 phase motor it should be 380/400 volt
  4. non return valve should replacement 
  5. pressure switch blowoff valve replace,  if need pressure switch should replacement 

air compressor head overheating


  1. inlet filter dirty
  2. nrv damage
  3. bearing damage
  4. piston ring damage
  5. oil is outdated or damage 

low pressure at point of use


  1. pressure regulator damage
  2. air leakage from air receiver
  3. air distribution pipe leakage
  4. ​air compressor not build air pressure 


1. shaft seal of head should be changed

2. oil lavel should be checked as maintain oil label gauge

3. piston ring should be replacement.

air compressor would not start


  1. pressure switch damage
  2. electric motor burn
  3. electric motor capacitor damage
  4. power supply interrupted
  5. ​head jam

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